The Three Amigos

Right now our squirrelhouse seems to occupied by Sasquatch, Piggy and a third black squirrel (unnamed as yet).

Every morning for a week, now that the weather has gotten milder, the routine has gone like this:

6:30am (dawn)
Open one eye, yawn, stretch. Go back to sleep.
Repeat yawning, stretching and lazing about 50 more times just to be safe.
Poke head out of squirrelhouse. Go back to bed. More yawnings and stretchings interrupted by periods of sleep.
Come down to the back porch and beg for food. Peek in windows, tap on glass, possibly even shake the window screen to make even more noise.
Obtain food from human. Gorge on sunflower seeds.
Play together. This involves taking turns chasing each other, wrestling and barber-poleing around a tree, ambushing each other and doing these matrix like acrobatic tumbles on the lawn. Sasquatch has balance issues but seems to have fun anyway.

Here at nutsaboutsquirrels, we have tried in vain to make a useable video of these shenanigans, but the squirrels are always too far away. We will keep trying and keep you posted.

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