Oklahoma City police claim to have caught Chewy the squirrel

The Oklahoma City sheriff’s office claims to have caught a squirrel that had been damaging police vehicles.

Apparently the squirrel, which they nicknamed Chewy, had been chewing through the vehicle’s wiring. Damage to the vehicles is estimated at $700.

They posted this Youtube video of the alleged perpetrator. My question: how do they know they caught the right squirrel?

The Toronto Sun also has an article on Chewy, including some banter on Twitter between the sheriff’s office and a squirrel using the nickname ‘@OKCBadSquirrel‘.

Oddly, this isn’t the first case of rodents damaging vehicle wiring. See this MSNBC report for example about rabbits eating through the wires of cars at the Denver airport.

Apparently the wiring in newer cars is coated with a “sweet-tasting” soy-based insulation and all sorts of animals are developing a taste for it, from possums to squirrels.

Maybe the manufacturers should mix cayenne pepper into the soy-based insulation?

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