Baby squirrel adopts ‘Ranger Mark’ – Update

The Evening Telegraph has a charming story about a baby squirrel that “adopted” park ranger Mark Swift to become an unofficial mascot of the beautiful Central Park in Cambridgeshire.

Apparently the baby squirrel just started following Mr. Swift around. The baby squirrel, which he named nicknamed, Oakley Junior, was housed at the park and was given an old hedgehog box to sleep in. During the day he would climb all over Mr. Swift and liked to steal treats from children’s lunch boxes.

Eventually Mr. Swift placed the squirrel with a local rehabber who raised it along with the dozen other baby squirrels she had in her care and that is where the story, which was originally published in 2008, ends.

But wait! The intrepid reporters here at Nuts About Squirrels have an update. We contacted Mr. Swift who told us that Oakley Junior was successfully released into the wild and that he “was last seen in a tree belt playing with other squirrels” behind the rehabber’s house.

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