Sasquatch squirrel has a distinctive shaggy coat.

Vital stats

Age:2 years
Residence:The squirrelhouse.
Description:Prone to a weird problem where she seems to have too much fur.
Breeeding Cond.:?
Species:S. carolinensis
Notes:This squirrel probably had a run-in with raccoon roundworm. Her impairment level is moderate: she has balance problems and a strange diagonal gait. In the fall her face looked really strange. It was almost as if her coat was too dense and she could hardly see for all the fur. About a week later she showed up and it looked like she had scratched almost all the fur off her head and you could see that the skin on her head had really deep creepy looking wrinkles. This was the first squirrel I used Ivermectin on. I was able to drip some onto her back and within a few days her skin looked more normal and new fur was growing in. She continues to look a bit shaggy, but she kept her coat all winter.

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