Squirrel spring collection 2011

It’s spring, and all our squirrels are losing their winter coats in favour of a sleeker spring look.

Some squirrels moult evenly. Others moult from head to toe, leaving them with short fur on top, and thick fur from the waist down—they look like they are wearing ski pants.

All of them also lose the extra tufts of fur that protect their ears. This is most noticeable in the grey squirrels, because for them the ear tufts are white, making them clearly visible against the base coat.

Some like Sasquatch look better.

Sasquatch sports his spring coat.  The white eartips are gone and his fur is more brown than grey.

While other squirrels, don’t look so good. For example it’s hard to believe this Gollum looking squirrel is Lucy.

Lucy moulting from head to toe. Ski pants!

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