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Lucy Gets Curtailed

Sometimes squirrels lose the tip of their tail (or sometimes the whole tail entirely). Most squirrels recover without any ill effects. The most common causes for tail loss are fights with other squirrels or having their tail run over by … Continue reading

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Lucy the squirrel passes away

One of our favorite squirrels passed away recently. Early in May, Lucy’s coat was looking a bit rough and she seemed to have an insatiable thirst. She would often sit right next to the tap for the hose by the … Continue reading

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Squirrels ‘Lucy’ and ‘Inky’ playing

In a previous post we showed a picture of Lucy and her juvenile offspring Inky snuggling together on the fence and mentioned that they sometimes like to play and groom each other as well. Well, we finally managed to get … Continue reading

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Squirrels ‘Lucy’ and ‘Inky’ cuddling

Wild grey squirrels are not thought to be very social animals. The most frequent squirrel interactions that the casual observer will see is agonistic behaviour: in other words chasing each other off and fighting. But if you observe squirrels for … Continue reading

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Squirrel spring collection 2011

It’s spring, and all our squirrels are losing their winter coats in favour of a sleeker spring look. Some squirrels moult evenly. Others moult from head to toe, leaving them with short fur on top, and thick fur from the … Continue reading

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