Lucy the squirrel passes away

One of our favorite squirrels passed away recently.

Early in May, Lucy’s coat was looking a bit rough and she seemed to have an insatiable thirst.

She would often sit right next to the tap for the hose by the back of the house and lick the condensation off the pipe.

She had a single baby this season–a really small brindle coloured squirrel.

While she wasn’t looking too great, many squirrels moult in the spring and there were others whose coats looked even worse so we didn’t worry about it too much.

She was showing up daily in the back yard, eating nuts and bringing her baby along on some days, and like we said earlier, drinking from the hosetap.

We left for a long weekend, and when I got back and opened the back door, she rushed into the kitchen and looked at us as if to say: “Where were you guys!”

I fed her a pile of sunflower seeds, she scarfed them down, and that was the last time we saw her.

Here is the last picture we have of her. Not a great picture, but including it here for the record.

Lucy the squirrel, last sighted May 23, 2012.


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