Feeding cashews to Piggy the squirrel

Piggy is such a friendly little guy.

He’s about two years old now.

Here’s a short video of him eating cashews on our back fence.

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2 Responses to Feeding cashews to Piggy the squirrel

  1. Aan says:

    I’ll never forget my first encounter with a squirrel and pizza. I was standing under a tree when something—it turned out to be a piece of pizza crust—fell on my head.

    When I looked up, there was a squirrel sitting on a branch, expertly holding and eating a slice of pepperoni pizza.

    I’m still disturbed by the thought of squirrels eating pepperoni sausage!

    • admin says:

      Yeah, he probably got a discarded pizza slice from the garbage.

      Urban squirrels take advantage of what we throw out.

      As humans throw out so much food—I’ve heard the statistic that we throw out 1/3 of the food we grow in North America!

      Squirrels must think we are the ones who are crazy!

      If you think it’s disgusting for squirrels to eat pepperoni: I’ve seen one of our friendliest local squirrels eat a live baby bird! We kind of looked at her a bit differently for a few days after that!

      Here’s a post showing the nest the squirrel raided. It’s not the same set of hatchlings though. Birds build a nest there in the same spot every year.

      (Squirrels, especially pregnant females, will occasionally eat birds eggs and hatchlings. It is part of their normal range of behaviour. )

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