Vital stats

Age:9 months
Residence:The squirrelhouse
Description:A male fall baby from 2010. First spotted on the Oct. 29. Seems to have been from a single litter.
Breeeding Cond.:?
Species:S. carolinensis
Notes:Showed up on a second story window ledge in late October. We initially fed him up there to keep the adults from harassing him too much. He started to get mange at the onset of winter. A drop of Ivermectin cleared him right up allowing him to maintain his coat all winter. His head reminds me of a piglet when seen in profile. This spring, I caught him teething himself all over the vinyl trim of our windows. Thanks a lot!

Recent news on Piggy

2013-07-07Piggy is a messy eater
2013-05-29Spring photos
2013-02-09Piggy after the storm
2013-02-02Piggy the Squirrel in winter
2012-09-09Feeding cashews to Piggy the squirrel
2011-09-16Playing tricks on Piggy: Imitating a squirrel alarm call
2011-09-05Piggy the squirrel celebrates 1st birthday
2011-06-20A portrait of the squirrel as a young...squirrel
2011-05-04Piggy imitates gargoyle
2011-04-25Sasquatch and Piggy playing
2011-04-20The Three Amigos

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