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Baby squirrels rescued from BMW Z4 M

The site One Hot Lap posted this story about 6 baby squirrels who stowed away in the air box of a BMW Z4 M. The car had just completed two laps on a racetrack, reaching speeds of 140 mph, when … Continue reading

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Baby red squirrel ‘kittens’ explode all over the internets

This story is so full of cute and awesome I honestly don’t know where to begin: there’s the plummy accents, the fact that in Britain they call baby squirrels ‘kittens’ and then there’s the lovely older british lady, Eileen Welsh, … Continue reading

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Florida woman saves baby squirrel from hawk

The Land O’Lakes Patch published this cute story about a Florida woman who saved a baby squirrel from a hawk. When Emma Hankins first noticed the baby squirrel, it was hanging around her porch looking tired and weak. The squirrel … Continue reading

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Piggy the squirrel celebrates 1st birthday

We first spotted Piggy in October of last year, and at the time he looked to be about 6-8 weeks old. This would mean that Piggy was born around this time last year. Happy birthday, Piggy!

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Rehabbers busy in VA after Hurricane Irene strands hundreds of baby squirrels

Hurricane Irene orphaned squirrels all along its path. Here we have two videos from Virginia, where wildlife rehabilitators are trying to cope with all the squirrels that people have turned in. The first is from Evelyn’s Wildife Refuge, in Virginia … Continue reading

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