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Piggy the squirrel celebrates 1st birthday

We first spotted Piggy in October of last year, and at the time he looked to be about 6-8 weeks old. This would mean that Piggy was born around this time last year. Happy birthday, Piggy!

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Lucy the squirrel poses for studio portrait

This is our classic squirrel studio picture, the one against which all others are measured.

This is Lucy, one of our most regular visitors.

The photo was taken last fall. Now that the weather is cloudy, maybe it’s high time we set the studio back up to shoot some more pictures.

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Bear acting stealthy

Sometimes stealth can help avoid confrontations with other squirrels.

Bear demonstrates…

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Gracie studio shot May 6

Gracie is one of my most co-operative subjects right now.

Here is a shot of her taken on May 6.

Look at those crumbs all over the place. She’s a messy eater!

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