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Bear the squirrel gets into a fight, ends up bleeding

The other day I started giving the local squirrels some whole nuts, in addition to the usual sunflower seeds. While our squirrels gladly take the sunflower seeds, they don’t seem to think of them as something worth fighting over. Shelled … Continue reading

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Bear drops by for a visit

Bear is still around and she dropped by for a visit this morning. She has no fur at the base of her tail right now. A condition that she seems to be susceptible to. We call it ‘tail rot.’

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Bear acting stealthy

Sometimes stealth can help avoid confrontations with other squirrels.

Bear demonstrates…

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Bear shows up with grey baby in tow

Bear the squirrel came running down the fence all excited for her pile of sunflower seeds this morning, as usual, except this time she brought company. This little guy (girl?) was following her along the fence, probably eager to find … Continue reading

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