Predators stalking our friends

Recently we noticed that fewer squirrels are showing up in our backyard. None of the regulars except dragtail have been spotted in weeks, no Piggy, no Gracie. :-(

It’s still a harsh winter out there and we have free food. We couldn’t figure it out.

This morning I noticed what look like coyote tracks in the snow leading up to the back yard. I guess they could be dog tracks, but few dogs roam loose in our neighbourhood.

While I was following the tracks and noticing that they led all the way to the back of the house where the squirrels usually eat, I also noticed how quiet it was.

There was not a single bird singing, and only one squirrel in a tree in a neighbour’s yard, sitting perfectly still.

This usually means one thing: a hawk.

And just as I looked up a huge hawk flew by and disappeared behind a tree.

Far far away, I could hear a squirrel making an alarm call.

I hope they didn’t get any of our friends.

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