Playing tricks on Piggy: Imitating a squirrel alarm call

Piggy has been close to us since he was born, so he’s pretty comfortable around us.

One afternoon, an unfamiliar cat showed up and all the squirrels started barking their little alarm calls to warn each other about it.

Right after the squirrels had calmed down, I decided to see if I could get Piggy to respond to my imitation of the alarm call.

At first he just seems confused by my behaviour. He’s all like: ‘WTF, human?’

But I think eventually he does respond. Watch the video and see what you think.

Piggy’s a good sport. Maybe a less tolerant squirrel would have jumped in my face for trying to play tricks on it.

(See also: Local squirrels freaked out by arrival of new cat)

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2 Responses to Playing tricks on Piggy: Imitating a squirrel alarm call

  1. Lisa Maliga says:

    Interesting squirrel psychology.

  2. Kristal says:

    You sound like a cat there :) I think that piggy is looking for the cat :p

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