Gracie rattles our cage

Some of the local squirrels have figured out that they can get our attention by hanging onto the screen door and shaking it as loudly as they can.

This makes so much noise that it can be heard throughout the house.

If we try and ignore them, they put their whole body into it and rattle even louder.

Once this starts, the only way to deal with it is to either feed them, or close the blinds.

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2 Responses to Gracie rattles our cage

  1. She says:

    What a great shot! Gracie looks like a wonderful squirrel, and such a beauty. Is that what you call a brindle? Have you seen her babies?

    • admin says:

      Yes Gracie is nice to have around. She is definitely a spirited little presence in the yard.

      I may have seen her babies, but I’m not sure. Unless you spot a mother squirrel being followed by a baby or otherwise close to her babies it’s very hard to tell who belongs to who.

      In this case we don’t know who her offspring are, probably because she lives a bit farther away.

      She is a grey squirrel, but her coat undergoes some colour changes seasonally. The ‘Brindle’ colouration is where you get a black squirrel with some grey or orange tufting. Bear, Lucy and Piggy are brindle squirrels.

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