Vital stats

Age:2 years
Residence:Soffits of the house two doors north of us.
Description:Fat and sort of eggplant shaped. Her stout build reminds us of a bear.
Breeeding Cond.:Nursing a litter. One baby spotted April 28, 2011.
Species:S. carolinensis
Notes:Bear is always hungry. Especially this March when she had probably a half dozen buns in the oven, she was ravenous. She would beg for food over and over and wolf it down as fast as she could without choking. Good natured and easy to approach.

Recent news on Bear

2012-11-13Bear the squirrel gets into a fight, ends up bleeding
2012-10-14Bear drops by for a visit
2011-05-09Bear acting stealthy
2011-04-28Bear shows up with grey baby in tow

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