Three baby squirrels climb right into rescuer’s hands

Our friends over at the new york squirrel have this heartwarming tale of three orphaned baby squirrels that were stranded alone in the middle of hurricane Irene.

They were crying for their mother, and even though they were cold and scared, they left their nest and climbed down a tree during a rainstorm and right into a human rescuer’s hands.

See the article for the whole story and for more pictures.

Update: Link to original source

We reached Karen Clark of Lovely Lita’s Sheltering Tree Foundation:

Yes that is my story about the three babies that are very likely babies from some I have released. I was so amazed that they would come down to me like they did that I sent out the story to everyone “squirrel related” in my e-mails and put it up on my forum and on the Lovely Lita facebook page as well.

I call them my Miracle Triplets because I thought it was an absolute miracle that they would come to me like they did. [...] I share these stories with anyone that will listen because these animals are the most important thing in the world to me.

This is our Facebook page , and this is our forum.

The Forum is definitely worth checking out, it has lots of posts from other rehabbers under the new members section entitled: ‘Introduce Yourself And Your Squirrel

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