Hurricane Irene orphans hundreds of baby squirrels

Hurricane Irene wasn’t just a disaster for humans. It also killed and orphaned wildlife all along its path.

In Wilmington, NC, however those baby squirrels that managed to survive, are very lucky that they can count on Mildred English.

Mildred who runs a wildlife removal service, is known in the area as a person who will take in squirrels, and people have been bringing her baby squirrels in ones and twos ever since the hurricane passed.

At one point was talking care of over 100 squirrels.

She has placed most of them with other rehabbers, but still had 30 babies in her care on Monday.

See this article for more info, and for contact info if you want to make a donation to help the squirrels.

Also check out the photogallery for pictures of the baby squirrels. (It’s almost creepy when there are so many of them at once.)

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