Vital stats

Color:Black with some silver ticking.
Age:3 months
Description:Baby black squirrel.
Breeeding Cond.:NA
Species:S. carolinensis
Notes:This is one of the spring babies for 2011. We think it may be one of Bear's. This squirrel also has a sibling which looks almost identical except that it has more silver highlights in its coat. Shy but becoming more tame, this baby squirrel sometimes clings to the brick wall way up near the roof when frightened. Will feed on the back porch at off hours to avoid fights with adults. Has been seen eating flowers.

Recent news on Inky

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2011-07-28Squirrels 'Lucy' and 'Inky' playing
2011-07-18Squirrels 'Lucy' and 'Inky' cuddling
2011-06-20Baby squirrel drinks from birdbath
2011-06-12Baby squirrel eats flowers
2011-06-03Baby squirrel has thumbs
2011-05-17Baby squirrel explores yard

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