Baby squirrel has thumbs

This picture proves that squirrels have developed thumbs. Can world domination be far behind?

Check back in a million years or so and the world might be run by a race of super smart and unusually dextrous squirrels.

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2 Responses to Baby squirrel has thumbs

  1. Squirrelgrrl says:

    Despite its colour, which is merely a melanistic black variant, that is a Western Grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis), one of a species of tree squirrel.
    All tree squirrels have vestigial (not opposable) thumbs. They are little more than lumps of flesh and are extremely limited in their use, nothing like the prehensile opposable thumbs of certain species of old world primates and humans.

    • admin says:

      I love it! Another squirrel nut who likes to debate the finer points. :-)

      I wasn’t suggesting the squirrel had actual thumbs, or even that the squirrel had polydactyly as you often see in cats.

      I think his paws are normal. In his case the thumb like protrusions seem to stand out more than usual.

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