Brevard white squirrel safari

White squirrel looking cute (chest clasp!) in Brevard, N.C. ©John Woestendiek Used with permission.The folks at posted this article on a group of old friends heading out on safari to find the legendary white squirrels of Brevard, N.C. (See the article for more photos of the squirrel pictured here.)

Apparently, about one in four of the squirrels in Brevard is white. They are not albino squirrels as you can see from this squirrel here which has patches of grey in its coat.

There are various theories, more like legends really, on the origin of the squirrels, but no matter where they came from Brevard has embraced them, even going so far as to enact an ordinance declaring the town a sanctuary for all members of the family Sciuridae but especially the white squirrels.

Brevard also hosts an annual music and arts festival named the “White Squirrel Festival” which is expected to draw 25,000 people this year.

Although dogs often chase squirrels, and despite that I even know someone who owns a dog that has killed several squirrels (Yeah, I’m talking about you “Scout” the dog!) we at nutsaboutsquirrels have no beef with dogs and we highly encourage you to check out

[Photo ©John Woestendiek Used with permission.]

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