African tree squirrel carries baby

The Daily Mail published this article featuring pictures of a mother squirrel carrying one of it’s pups.

The charming photos were taken by Morkel Erasmus, 28 from Secunda, South Africa, while on holiday in the Kruger National Park.

While most people who go on safari are looking for elephants and leopards, Erasmus says: “I am a firm believer that you don’t need to see something ‘traditionally spectacular’ like a leopard or elephant in order to enjoy an excellent sighting in the wild.”

“Even the smallest creatures can provide hours of fun and excellent photographic opportunities.”

Here at nutsaboutsquirrels, we couldn’t agree more!

Fun Squirrel Fact:

Baby squirrels have a reflex, such that when they are grasped by the belly, they will instinctively wrap themselves around whatever is holding them.

It’s similar to the reflex kittens have that makes them go limp when you grab them by the scruff of the neck.

This reflex allows them to hang on more tightly while their mother carries them, sometimes even jumping from branch to branch as she travels.

I have seen baby grey and red squirrels, behave the same way when carried.

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