It’s Squirrel Week at the Washington Post

Discovery channel may have Shark Week but  the Washington Post has something even more awesome: Squirrel Week.

Yes people, a whole week of squirrel articles by one of their columnists John Kelly. (Of course the fact that they launched squirrel week beginning April 1st makes me a bit skeptical whether they really will have a whole weeks worth of squirrel coverage, but we can only hope.)

Apparently Kelly will be going on safari: "through the world’s squirrel stomping grounds: America’s Great Plains, Southeast Asia’s jungles, western Africa, and, of course, Washington, home to the black squirrel." and promises to "unravel the mysteries of a furry woodland critter that, in some people, elicits as much fear and revulsion as a fanged creature from the deep."

Be that as it may, people have been uploading some nice squirrel pictures over there, and the first article, which has interesting racial undertones, blames Canada as the source of D.C.'s black squirrels.

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