Baby squirrel at the beach

I ran into this baby squirrel at the beach the other day.

Some people there said that it had crashed their picnic and spent the afternoon with them. A couple of kids were handling it as well.

I became concerned that it was getting to familiar with people and also that its mother might be nearby, but too afraid to approach her baby. There are also plenty of unleashed dogs running around near the beach as well.

I tried putting it in a tree, but it wouldn’t stay up there, and would climb down and approach people as soon as it saw movement.

One of the kids said that he first spotted it near the tennis courts. I decided to take it and put it in some bushes near there thinking it might stay put and stop following people around if it couldn’t see them.

It’s one of those cases where you hope you did the right thing. I definitely wondered what happened to that baby squirrel as I was falling asleep that night.

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