Scott and Willy High Park squirrels 2

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." - Immanuel Kant

A while back we posted a story about Scott and Willy going out on a squirrel feeding expedition in Toronto's High Park.

Scott just sent me some close up pictures from that outing, and I'm pleased to get the pictures, but I'm even more pleased to get the chance to write a better article this time.

What I really should have said in my last post is how cool it is that an ex-soldier and ten year old Willy can go out and, without self consciousness or 'irony', feed cute and fuzzy creatures in a park.

I could rhapsodize further about how cool it is that Willy is ten, and how I remember how awesome it was the summer I was ten (Was there only one summer when I was ten? It must have been a long one then...)

Willy is on a road trip with his mom right now and Scott is caring for 7 cats.

All photos are © Scott Waters
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