Scott and Willy feed High Park squirrels

My friend Scott Waters is as skillful with a mountain bike as he is with a paintbrush and though he likes guns and rodents, he probably wouldn’t approve of using guns on rodents.

With that non-sequitur in mind, know that Scott and Willy headed out to High Park in Toronto armed only with a bagful of peanuts to see what would happen.

As has been re-confirmed by numerous unscientific, but very fun studies: squirrels like peanuts. Willy draws a squirrel in.

At this point Scott and Willy are still blissfully unaware of what the squirrel will do:

The squirrel comes in closer:

And closer:

And, now breaking with narrative convention, the tension will not be broken by some surprising event. Unless of course you would be surprised to find out that chipmunks are also a type of squirrel and that they like peanuts too:

Look at the difference in the size of Willy’s and the chipmunk’s little pawsy hands.

This one just got whacked on the head by a big cartoon wood mallet:

All photos are © Scott Waters

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One Response to Scott and Willy feed High Park squirrels

  1. scott says:

    $2.99 is all it takes to achieve this level of rodential apotheosis.
    That, and the ability to not panic when a large rodents crawls up your leg.

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