Big bugs of the backyard

Here are some of the other residents that share the backyard with our squirrels.

A big butterfly in our lilac bush. Species unknown.

One of the horrible black beetles who are helping the raccoons to destroy our lawn.

Every year in June, these inch and a half long beetles emerge from the ground at dusk driven by god knows what repulsive instinct. They fight each other for mates, then lay eggs that develop into grubs that chew at the roots of the grass. This attracts raccoons and skunks that dig up the turf and decimate the lawn.

Isn’t the circle of life wonderful?

And here we have a really neat sighting of a ‘Nessus sphinx’ moth (Amphion floridensis)

This moth looks and behaves like a hummingbird. It spent the evening hovering and sipping nectar from our lilac bush.

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