Squirrel stuck in soda machine

A wildlife rescuer demonstrates a new weapon: 'The Squirrel Canon.'
Pictures are screen shots from the television broadcast segment linked below ©WFMZ-TV

WFMZ-TV of Allentown, Pa., has a video on its website about a squirrel, nicknamed Sprite, getting stuck in a vending machine in the town of Bethlehem.

After it was noticed that the squirrel was inside, signs were put on the Coke machine saying: “Do not use! Animal inside! Do not use!!” and wildlife rescue experts were called in.

It took the wildlife volunteers a few hours to extract the squirrel from the vending machine. He was later released. (Boy did he ever run like hell when they opened that cat carrier they had him in!)

Judging from the squeaking when they caught him, he is probably a juvenile squirrel.

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