Attenborough on squirrels

Sir David Attenborough, narrator of the epic Planet Earth series and literally countless other nature documentaries, who has seen the elusive blue whale from a helicopter, stalked the bird of paradise in New Guinea and spent time with tool making chimps, is not above turning his attention on the lowly squirrel.

This clip, for example, about a grey squirrel raising her young, despite using a misplaced martial metaphor, has great footage of her building her nest and then raising her young in it.

This clip where Attenborough travels to Olney Illinois, the white squirrel capital of the world has a slightly creepy vibe to it. (“We’re all quite mad here, mad I say…”)

This clip on flying squirrels, which has amazing in-flight footage of squirrels gliding hundreds of feet from tree to tree, shows the obvious delight Attenborough takes in our favorite rodents.

In my opinion these are worth watching just to hear him say “squirrel.” He doesn’t say it “skwarl” like us one-toothed hillbilly North Americans, but rather picks out every syllable with precision.

I’m going to have to take elocution lessons.

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