It’s a drag when your tail drags

When we get tired and feel like we are dragging our asses around here we say: “It’s a drag when your tail drags.”

This squirrel we call ‘Dragtail’ however doesn’t seem to be bothered by her dragging tail. Dragtail was injured somehow, leaving her with a broken leg and a tail that drags behind her. She is unable to raise it over her back in the way so characteristic of squirrels.

Here are some tracks Dragtail left in the snow. You can see a line where her tail dragged, similar to what you would see in mouse tracks.

You can also see how the back paw prints are out of alignment, probably the result of a earlier break that has healed.

Tracks showing the dragging tail and leg injuries.

Tracks showing the dragging tail and leg injuries.

Despite all this, Dragtail knows how to dominate the back porch, and few squirrels will dare to confront her directly.

She is also one of our most approachable squirrels, making her a great addition to the backyard menagerie.

Dragtail being friendly.

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