At the Edge of the Wood

Squirrels and bluejays take off. ©K C Bailey 2012-Used with permission. [Click on the photo to enlarge]

Recently we stumbled upon a site featuring amazing nature photography: At the Edge of the Wood.

It features photographs of squirrels and birds by KC Bailey that just blew us away.

All the photos on the site have a wonderful unity of style: a set with local flora against a black backdrop. The use of existing light and the saturated colours creates an otherworldly atmosphere into which animals can enter at will.

In some photos the animals are happy to stay and strike a pose. In others—and these are our favorites—we see birds and squirrels scatter in all directions in a panic.

KC explains:

[...]I am a professional photographer. I needed to test out my new radio triggers and the only thing around that was moving were the birds.

So I set up underneath the bird feeder and who showed up? Squirrels of course.

I had the black back drop and used it from the beginning, but this last year I’ve set up in one particular place and I’ve been making the little sets, if you will, with local flora.

I want to inspire people to look at the beauty right there in front of our eyes.

Mission accomplished KC!

KC also accompanies her posts with interesting information about squirrels, and links to research and news articles about our favorite animals.

©K C Bailey 2012—Used with permission.

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