White squirrel recovering from head trauma at Toronto Wildlife Centre

A baby albino squirrel was picked up near Trinity Bellwoods Park, showing signs of head trauma, and brought in to the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

According to a post of the centre’s Facebook page: “The squirrel was exhibiting signs of head trauma, consistent with having been hit by a car. She was immediately put in the intensive care unit, given oxygen, anti-inflammatories and pain medication. She responded very well to treatment and the medical and rehab team are very happy with the rate of her recovery.”

Now she is about 12 weeks old and somewhat of a local and international celebrity, having been covered in the Toronto Star and on Cute overload.

The squirrel is now in a large outdoor cage, getting used to the outdoors along with a grey squirrel of the same age and is expected to be released in the Park, which hosts a small population of albino white squirrels, in the next few weeks.

The wildlife centre is very busy right now, with over 200 animals in its care (it’s bird migration season). Perhaps you might consider donating or volunteering to help support their work?

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