Juvenile white squirrel spotted in Alabama

Wanda Hicks sent in these photos of a young white squirrel in her backyard.

Wanda says:

I live in central Alabama in a little town called Slapout, AL. We live in the country and spotted a white squirrel once last year and again this year, not the same squirrel, this one was much smaller than the former one. I was able to get up close and get some wonderful pictures. It had the pink albino eyes and was just beautiful. […] It was unafraid of me and I was able to get very close to it. We have pecan trees and he kept jumping off the fence to get more pecans.

Photos © Wanda Hicks, used with permission.

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One Response to Juvenile white squirrel spotted in Alabama

  1. Lisa Maliga says:

    Your so lucky to have a friendly white squirrel in your yard! What an adorable looking squirrel-friend! :)

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