When squirrels move on

When you get to know your local squirrels it’s always a bit sad when one of them is suddenly gone.

The reasons are many: they get killed by cars, die from diseases, or simply move on and are never seen again.

Let’s not get carried away. A squirrel going missing isn’t among the biggest problems in life, but like a lot of things that make life enjoyable, you don’t realize how much you appreciate something till it’s gone.

It’s comforting when the same squirrels show up every day and it’s nice to see them grow up and to watch their coats adapt to the seasons.

The New York Squirrel follows a squirrel called ‘Patches’ that went missing and was found again in July, then seemed to disappear for good this fall.

Maybe it has something to do with the big wound he has on his back that doesn’t seem to ever heal.

Sorry about Patches, but it looks like there’s a new crop of babies out and about in NYC right now.

I’m almost sure I heard one yesterday as well.

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