Walter the fostered baby squirrel

Lindsay Ralph fostered this baby squirrel, which she named Walter, with the help of the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

These are some of the nicest squirrel pictures we have seen (and we like to think of ourselves as good judges of photographic talent here at nutsaboutsquirrels).

You can see more of Lindsay’s photos on her website.

[Click on the pictures to enlarge them. It's a know the drill]

Update: The story of Walter, In Lindsay’s own words

Walter was found in a parking lot downtown. There were no trees, nests, or mom in sight.

He was 3 weeks old and still had his eyes closed.

I contacted the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and they helped me with food and supplies and caging for him.

I also got 2 more squirrels from them to help them out and so Walter could learn social squirrel behaviour.

Walter and the 2 other squirrels (Leonard and Jemima) have been successfully weaned into the wild and they still come by every day for a visit and snacks!

The other 2 squirrels [...] were way more wild and didn’t like being held. Walter was my baby and had a totally different personality… So i kinda played favorites with him :)

All photos ©Lindsay Ralph.

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